Live Painting for Co-Liv and Bouygues Immobilier in Paris, France by Diane Barthélemy

In October 2018, the summit Co-Liv took place in Paris at Les Grands Voisins. Two full days of conference about co-living where Diane got commissioned to live paint a Mural for Co-Liv and Kumkwat (a project by Bouygues Immobilier).


Measures, Group Exhibition - Brooklyn, New York by Diane Barthélemy

New York, USA
Opening Reception September 15th, 6-10PM
, curated by Sáng Huynh.


Measures explores change as both inevitable and constant. Some change is immediate and cataclysmic, some comes slowly and almost imperceptibly. Change is the engine of creation and innovation. In this vein, The Art Vacancy exhibits the works of artists through all phases of their career as it explores notions of vulnerability, growth, and progression. Link here.

Collaboration with Inside Out Project in New York - July 5th - Venezuela Independence Day by Diane Barthélemy


Collaboration with @luigerman and @insideoutproject on July 5th for the people in Venezuela on their Independence Day 🇻🇪

 #Venezuela #InsideOutProject #PrimaryColors #JR 

“Y si el despotismo levanta la voz, recobremos los colores que esta tierra nos dio.”
"And if despotism raises its voice, let's recover the colors that this land gave us."
On July 5, 1811, the Venezuelan people shouted freedom!

"A @insideoutproject & @dianebarthelemy homage and intervention for the warriors of Freedom in their Independence Day.
This photo was capture on June 8, 2017, in the "March of Lights" by @somosunove during the marches and protest.
These are the people whose human rights were silenced by the regime. These are the people fighting for Freedom & Justice in Venezuela."


Signature event at the Clinique du Sport by Diane Barthélemy

Primarily Painting Residency at COAST in Key West, FL by Diane Barthélemy

article here.


Diane Barthelemy: Primarily Paintings

Over the past few months we’ve had the pleasure of hosting Diane Barthelemy as an artist in residence out at the boatyard on Stock Island. Originally from Brittany (Bretagne) in the Northwesternmost coastal region of France, Diane spent most of her formative years in the port city of Bordeaux in southwest France before moving to Brooklyn to pursue a full-time career as an artist in 2016.

While here, Diane has focused largely on her impressive and distinctive large-scale abstract paintings — her stroke is unmistakably confident. By day you can find her spread out on the deck of the COAST stage with canvases the size of roof tarps and cans of acrylic paint with a jar full of brushes at her feet. Always smiling, usually covered in paint, and generally laughing with her distinctive raspy giggle, Barthelemy has made an imprint not only on those who surround her on our Stock Island property, but she has come to find her place in the Key West community as a whole.

By morning or towards sunset, you can usually find her roaming the back streets and side alleys of Old Town on a 70s Schwinn bicycle — blue and red, classically patinaed — with a vintage Nikon camera slung around her shoulder waiting for the perfect moment to shoot her next frame. Her mind is always working — thinking of the next chapter in her burgeoning career, how her next exhibition might look, or what could be a new way to express her intense creativity.

Having just turned 25, Diane has a long and promising road ahead. She has the poise and persistence of a painter twice her age and we look forward to hopefully hosting her more in the years to come. For now, we’ll enjoy the final few weeks of her island stay and then look to follow her new works when she transitions back to Brooklyn and into a new spot in a classic loft space in South Williamsburg.

For those interested in Diane’s paintings and progress, please visit her website and follow her on Instagram @dianebarthelemy.