Collaboration with Inside Out Project in New York - July 5th - Venezuela Independence Day / by Diane Barthélemy


Collaboration with @luigerman and @insideoutproject on July 5th for the people in Venezuela on their Independence Day 🇻🇪

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“Y si el despotismo levanta la voz, recobremos los colores que esta tierra nos dio.”
"And if despotism raises its voice, let's recover the colors that this land gave us."
On July 5, 1811, the Venezuelan people shouted freedom!

"A @insideoutproject & @dianebarthelemy homage and intervention for the warriors of Freedom in their Independence Day.
This photo was capture on June 8, 2017, in the "March of Lights" by @somosunove during the marches and protest.
These are the people whose human rights were silenced by the regime. These are the people fighting for Freedom & Justice in Venezuela."